Customized solutions

Finding the right solution is important if you want to increase productivity at your workplace. Sometimes it takes a few adjustments or a special add-on or function, while other situations require a unique, customized solution to match the customer's special requirements.

With focus on quality and flexibility, our competent development team is experts within adjusting our standard products to your specific needs. We make adjustments in terms of different materials, fork sizes, lifting heights and much more. In addition, we can adjust technical specifications and various functions to specify or expand the application options of the product. For example, with pre-set the stop functions or rotation angles.

All our customized solutions are based on our standard product range of high quality and flexible handling equipment. We never compromise on safety or quality - no matter the complexity of the solution. 

Find inspiration in our range of unique, customized solutions below.

Improved working conditions with a customized tilter

A cake factory in the UK was able to improve the working conditions for the employees with an ergonomic, customised solution for handling their heavy dough bowls.

Safe and efficient transportation of heavy items on platforms

With an automatic brake function, this solution is safe and efficient for the user and improves the general working conditions for the customer.


Hygienic solution to handle drums

A safe way to handle drums with low risk of bacteria or contamination - and focus on efficiency and safety.