Safe and respectful handling of coffins

- improves workflow and ergonomics too

The crematorium near Esbjerg in Denmark needed a solution for handling of coffins in a safe and respectful way.

The coffins needed to be transported respectfully from the hearse to the cremation chamber and before entering the cremation oven the coffins needed to be turned horizontally. This maneuver involves heavy and uneven lifting when done manually, so they needed an automated, ergonomically right solution for this task.

The crematorium was equipped with a special developed solution for coffin handling that could lift, transport, and turn coffins. From hearse to cremation oven the coffin is being transported smoothly and in a very respectful way. This solution eases the workload of the employees and facilitates a better, safer, and more respectful workflow. The employees simply spend less time on the process and are much more motivated and less sick due to injuries and strains.


"Our focus is to handle the coffins in a safe and respectful manner, and with the Logitrans (Interthor) product we can lift and place the coffins both accurately and gently. Of course, our working conditions also have a high priority, and the Logitrans product makes it possible to handle the coffins and arrange the workflow, so that we can avoid heavy and uneven lifting. The coffins must be turned horizontally before being inserted into the oven, and the Logitrans product has this unique function. 

This solution simply makes our daily life much easier!"

Steen Horsbøl Jessen, Crematorium assistant