Ergonomic lifting and tilting of drums in different sizes and weight

- saves time and money in the production line

Urgent need for a handling solution to optimize ergonomics and working environment, saves time and money for Danish Cosmetics subcontractor.

Gollane, which is a Danish subcontractor to the cosmetics industry, experiences increased efficiency and better working conditions in their production line since they added a Multi drum turner, for the process of emptying drums filled with ingredients for the production, to their workflow.

The company had for long been searching for a solution to handle drums in varying weight and sizes. The need was urgent since the heavy drums were close to impossible to handle manually. The customer needed a solution that could lift different sized drums from pallets, transport them to the filling machine and tilt the content into a high located funnel.

Specific mandatory requirements

The management at Gollane was determined to find a better way to empty the heavy drums into the filling machine. They had three mandatory requirements that the new equipment should comply to:

  • Increased efficiency. The manual task of picking up the content of the drums in smaller buckets, lifting it up the stairs and emptying the buckets into the filling machine was inefficient, slow and required a lot of resources. The new equipment should improve this procedure.
  • Improved working environment. Secondly, the repeated process of manually handling the heavy drums with raw materials, transporting the material up the stairs, and emptying the buckets and smaller drums in physically straining positions, was not ergonomically well and the process needed automation.
  • Heavy and stable lifting equipment. The last mandatory requirement was that the new equipment should be strong and stable and able to lift and tilt up to 250 kg in difficult positions.

The solution had to meet these requirements in order to solve the problem, make the production line more efficient and finally decrease production time and support a better working environment.

The local Logitrans/Interthor dealer helped the customer finding a solution that would meet all of the requirements and needs. Gollane was equipped with a Multi drum turner that could handle different types of drums and lift and tilt the drums in order to load the fluent ingredients from the drums through a funnel to the filling machine. The customer was first equipped with a demo drum turner to test how it would fit into the production line, to make sure that the equipment was solving the problem efficiently or if it needed any modifications. Afterwards the company invested in a Multi drum turner of their own.



  • Fully powered lift and tilt of various drums
  • No manual work or strains on employees
  • Quick and efficient solution for emptying drums of various size and weight
  • Safe solution for minimizing waste 
  • Equipped with technology that eliminates risk of dropping the drums
  • Better working conditions minimizing heavy lifting and tilting
  • Optimized ergonomic correct workflow


“In a small production line with limited space and various, changing productions
we needed a solution that could handle multiple drums
and maneuver quickly and safely.
We have found a perfect match to our needs and we have already added another multi drum turner to our wish list”.

Steen Jorsal
Owner of Gollane Denmark ApS

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