The Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) - Smart Material Handling

Businesses that specialize in the printing and packaging industry are paying closer attention to providing their employees with correct and good working conditions; hence they are investing in smarter material handling solutions. Interthor is able to satisfy these requirements by offering a wide variety of ergonomically correct material handling products. Our material handling equipment is designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort in the work place as well as to maximize production.

We developed our material handling products closely in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety. This ensures the material handling equipment is optimal for organizing ergonomically correct work stations.

A company in France that binds books and focuses on the working conditions of their employees
invested in a large quantity of Skid High Lifts (Thork Lift).
The employees are extremely pleased with the new material handling equipment.
The company is very satisfied with the quality, strong appearance, safety, long operating life,
and two lifting heights the Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) offers.

With a Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) you have the advantage of having an ergonomic lifting table and pallet truck all in one: Work safely, efficiently and flexibly with skids, also fetch, transport, and lift skids all with one convenient truck. You can raise and lower the forks on the manual Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) to load and unload, with two pump speeds to choose from. The Thork Lift delivers high maneuverability and will maximize the utilization of the work space.

Material handling with a Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) ensures that employees can maintain a continual and comfortable working height. This helps protect their shoulders and back. In turn you will have satisfied, productive, and efficient employees with less injuries. This also makes for a productive and efficient working environment.

The Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) can come with fork lengths up to 79” with options of several fork widths and lengths. The Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) is offered in manual or electric and is also available in stainless. It ensures high product safety with a warning lamp, bottom stop, and instant stop. Some additional extras for the Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) are available such as remote control, brake, and level control. The Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) is engineered to have an extensive operating life with minimal maintenance cost.

The Skid High Lift (Thork Lift) is part of our QUICK SHIP inventory.