The Benefits of Electropolishing Stainless Steel Equipment

Electropolishing is simply the removal of all non-stainless particles from stainless steel surfaces. The process of electropolishing is by far superior to other metal finishing processes. It produces several highly desirable effects and has many essential benefits. 

The way electropolishing is achieved is by submerging metal into a chemical bath. An electrical current is applied, and the charge causes a chemical reaction that smooths the metals surface by removing an extremely thin layer of metal at a controlled rate. This process is done without stressing or negatively impacting the integrity of the stainless steel.

Bright, shiny, polished, and lustrous finish

Electropolishing is used for surface improvements, mainly to remove microscopic peaks or other surface imperfections and impurities such as burrs, microcracks, stress defects, stains, rust, oils, and oxide scaling from the welding, forming, and or stamping process. Such imperfections and impurities can compromise the fit, finish, function, and durability of the stainless steel equipment. Stainless steel contains metallic and non-metallic pieces which are unavoidably included in manufacturing. Electropolishing is the only way to remove these, if left untreated these can become points of corrosion. By increasing the surfaces smoothness, the result leaves it ultra clean and highly resistant to corrosion while also improving the equipment’s performance and giving it a bright, shiny, polished, and lustrous finish.

Essential for hygienic environments

A hygienic, clean, and sanitary finish is a uniform finish that does not peel or abrade. It is smooth, scratch free, and corrosion resistant. The clean smooth surface enhances weldability, lowers friction, and allows for easier cleaning which prevents contamination and corrosion. A rough surface will wear more rapidly and have greater friction which will promote adhesion. Stainless steel is also made more hygienic by electropolishing due to the fact electropolishing removes oxide, dissolves iron and embedded particles from the surface.

The chemical treatment forms a protective oxide layer that is less likely to chemically react with air and cause corrosion. There are also no areas where moisture can hide and lead to corrosion. During the electropolishing process hydrogen is also removed from the stainless steel. Hydrogen embrittlement is when metals become brittle as a result of introduction and diffusion of hydrogen into the material.



Elimination of bacteria and corrosion
Electropolishing is perfect for medical, pharmaceutical, and food equipment because a hydrogen-free surface provides an ultra clean, hygienic surface that reduces and eliminates bacteria and corrosion. A rough or uneven surface will have an increased risk of contamination by having areas where some bacteria, viruses, and/or dirt may not be fully removed and sterilized by cleaning.  When stainless steel is electropolished these areas are eliminated so these contaminants have nowhere to hide and get stuck. The stainless steel equipment is then able to become fully and effectively sterilized in less time when electropolished. Electropolished equipment also need less maintenance because of its superior quality.


To make sure all welding splashes and irregularities are fully eliminated we recommend "Pharma finish" for your pharmaceutical lifting equipment. The smooth surface offers an ease of cleaning and makes it easier to tell if the equipment has been properly cleaned and sterilised. It is also safer for a manual use because the user does not run the risk of an injury that could also led to the risk of accidental contamination from an open cut.

Be aware of the quality

The visual effects of electropolished, mechanically polished, and electroplated material can be quite similar, although they are indeed extremely different. Make sure you are aware of what kind of stainless steel equipment you are buying, a lower price piece of equipment may not be of the highest quality. Interthor’s stainless steel equipment is electropolished making it a perfect pairing to a hygienic workplace, whether it be in the medical, food, or pharmaceutical industry.

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