Hygienic Material Handling

High Quality Stainless Material Handling Equipment

In an industry that requires a hygienic environment such as the pharmaceutical industry, we offer a variety of stainless material handling products.

Our stainless material handling equipment is made of acid-resistant steel. Acid-resistant steel is the strongest most resistant material to a wide range of acids and salts. It is also resistant to scratches. Together with high resistance and a long operating life, the stainless product range we offer stands up to the most aggressive environment.

We use AISI 316L stainless steel. The resultant composition gives ASIS 316L stainless steel improved corrosion resistance in many aggressive environments and resistance to pitting corrosion. AISI 316L is a low-carbon modification of AISI 316. 316/316L is an 18/8 austenitic stainless steel enhanced with an addition of 2.5% Molybdenum, to provide superior corrosion resistance to type 304 stainless steel

A large pharmaceutical company has paired a material handling Logiflex Trans-Stacker with electric drive and an electric drum turner. This made emptying approximately 1,000 plastic drums a year much more productive than when manually emptying the drums.
Using a manual or electric drum turner makes drum handling much easier and promotes a better material handling working condition. Both vertical and horizontal standard steel drums can be handled. When special grippers are used, certain plastic drums can also be handled. The material handling drum turner is easy to maintain and operate giving the user a high material handling maneuverability of the products.

With ease and quickness the material handling drum turner with the quick shift system can be fitted on all material handling Trans- Positioners and Trans- Stackers with adjustable carriage. Trans-Positioners & Trans-Stackers have a variety of optional extras, such as a platform, spear, crane arm and forks for optimum utilization.

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