How to Rotate Large Reels

Reels of material are needed to make a significant increase in production of manufactured goods. Some materials that are on reels include paper, foil, and plastic, to name a few.

The candy manufacturing industry uses candy packing machines with reels to wrap candy. The machine can wrap items quickly, precisely and consistently. The wrappers are fed from large reels. Just think about it - when you purchase a bag of candy often the individual pieces inside the bag are wrapped.

But how can you move these large reels?
Sometimes a fork lift with an attachment is used. But the fork lift is often too large to operate in the production area, so the reels are rotated in the warehouse and then rolled into the production area. By doing this you risk damaging the material while rolling it.
Alternatively, the manufacturer will use a hoist in the production area. Put a sling through the reel and have three guys muscle it around. This is very unsafe and you risk injuring your workforce either through an accident or simply from working them too hard.

So what is a better solution?
Interthor has invented a perfect solution to handle these large material handling obstacles The Interthor Reel Rotator is used to move the reels on to the machine with ease.  The Reel Rotator has the capability to handle both hard and soft reels; it can grip, lift, and tilt large reels. It can even rotate cast iron turbines. The gripping arms have a rubber covered pad to guarantee a gentle grip.

Safety is a priority?
Our main focus is on safety; hence the reels can only be released when positioned on a pallet or the floor. The gripping arms cannot open by mistake. The Reel Rotator is highly maneuverable and provides ergonomically correct working conditions. This increases worker productivity and reduces workplace injuries. We take into account your working environment, work space, the size and nature of your products.

Which options are available?
The Reel Rotator is available with manual or electric rotation, reel fastening/releasing, and tilting. Electric trucks have a remote control for fastening & releasing of the reel. The Reel Rotator can come with straddle legs to handle reels from all types of pallets.
We can also create customized solutions that meet your company’s exact material handling needs.


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