How To Lift A Pallet Without A Fork Lift

An alternative method of transporting a pallet without a forklift would be a stacker.

Stackers come in both powered and non-powered.

With one stacker, material can be handled, lifted, loaded, and transported in various ways, making them highly flexible and efficient. Stackers can be positioned exactly where needed for loading and unloading. They are designed with emphasis on safety and the ergonomic work conditions of the user. Their strong construction ensures a long operating life and low maintenance expenses. Workers have a better visibility, because the stackers are smaller than and not as bulky as a forklift.

How do Stackers stack up to forklifts?
Stackers can improve warehouse productivity and storage capacity. They are useful in dock, rack, packing, shipping, and storage areas. They can be used for stocking and restocking and work well in narrow aisles and compact spaces and can make sharp turns. Because they are highly maneuverable, you will maximum the utilization of your work space.

The Benefits keep stacking up

  • Stackers operate quietly
  • Stackers are economically priced
  • Stackers do not require a license to operate
  • Stackers have a low maintenance cost and require minimal repairs
  • Stackers are environmentally safe with no exhaust pollution or harmful fumes

Serious downfalls of forklifts

  • 42% of forklift fatalities are caused by the operator trying to jump from a tipping vehicle
  • Per OSHA there are 85 fatal forklift accidents per year
  • 34,900 accidents are a result in a serious injury
  • 61,800 accidents are non-serious