How to Empty a Bin, Crate and more

Interthor’s Material Handling Rotator is an ideal solution for anyone in the juicing industry. The Material Handling Rotator can be used for transporting, sorting, lifting, and emptying; this makes for an efficient work flow. 

From the harvesting of the fruit or vegetables to the finished product ready to ship, Interthor’s material handling products can assist you every step of the way. Interthor’s equipment can increase the output of your product. Our products working together will organize your manner of operation. The Material Handling Rotator can handle a variety of bin sizes and heights without causing damage to the bin. The bins can be made out of different materials depending on the fruit it contains. Whether the storage containers are made out of wood plastic or metal the Material Handling Rotator can accommodate the different materials that the bins, crates, boxes, or storage containers may be made out of.

When the fruit is harvested, it is put into hoppers, storage containers, or bins. The quality of the fruit dictates the quality of the product. Therefore, it is equally important that these liquefied assets are handled with the utmost care. The process along with the equipment can help make a good product. The Material Handling Rotator can handle a wide variety of sizes of storage containers. When harvesting a more delicate fruit like the grapes, used to make wine, a smaller bin may be needed so the grapes do not get smashed. To harvest an orange, a larger bin would be needed to accommodate the larger more durable fruit. The Material Handling Rotator can tilt the bin in the event the fruit needs to be sorted first. The turning angle is adjustable for manual emptying and sorting to achieve the ideal an ergonomically working position, or the bin can be emptied by tipping it to a conveyor. The Material Handling Rotator can lift and rotate the bin with the purpose of emptying the bin in its entirety. The Material Handling Rotator can elevate and turn a bin 180 degrees to empty it fully when equipped with box holders with clamps. This is useful for many different crops.

When making orange juice or wine, barrels are sometimes used. For example, when making orange juice the pulp is stored in barrels. When making wine in smaller wineries, the wine is stored in wooden barrels in wine cellars. Interthor also makes a drum turner that can handle barrels with special clamp arms. The drum turner can handle drums in a horizontal or an upright position and can accommodate various heights and sizes. The drum turner has the capability of emptying rotating and transporting drums. The turning angle of 360 degrees makes it possible to empty a drum.

Form barrels to bottles….once the juice or wine is bottled it is ready to be shipped. The Panther Full Power Pallet Truck can move many pallets easily and quietly in areas with limited space. The Panther Full Power Pallet Truck is beneficial in the manufacturing plant, moving the pallets in the truck, and putting out the stock in the grocery store. It is optimized for smaller spaces with a tight turn angle.

Whatever you’re moving or handling needs are, Interthor can provide a state-of-the-art solution. A demo unit is available for customers who are considering a purchase.

Interthor offers a solution to all your material handling needs in any manufacturing plant.