LogiRobot pallet mover

AMR CoBot / minimal input, maximum output

Simple and smart automated pallet transportation that ensures:

  • Efficient workflows across production facilities
  • Optimal utilization of internal resources
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Easy mapping and configuration
  • Manual pick-up, autonomous drop-off
  • 3D LiDar, SICK lasers, Intel 3D cameras and AMR technology for improved employee safety
  • Compliant with ISO 3691-4
  • MiR inside / Proven software technology, running on thousands of robots. Worldwide. Since 2014
  • Increased output, with minimal input


  • AMR technology
  • Capacity - 2645 lbs
  • Autonomous charging: The LogiRobot returns to charging station when not in use
  • Increased job-satisfaction: The LogiRobot will free up your employees to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Enhanced productivity: The autonomous nature of cobots contributes to increased productivity within the production facilities
  • No accidents, no time-waste, delivery on time, every time, increased utilisation of resources


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface for easy operation
  • Users can switch between automated and manual modes
  • Simple configuration and implementation allowing the LogiRobot to easily scan and map its environment
  • The LogiRobot is highly adaptable to changes in its production facility and can be customised with new and altered missions, in no time


  • 360-degree safety view, thanks to the 3D LiDar scanner
  • Advanced obstacle detection 
  • Two SICK lasers - front, back and sides
  • Five Intel 3D cameras
  • Autonomous decision-making, using camera and sensors to comply with ISO 3691-4 safety levels for autonomous decision-making, ensuring safe operation


  • Logitrans Construction: The LogiRobot is built on a Logitrans construction, known for high quality, long durability and high reliability
  • MiR Inside: Is is equipped with MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) technology, proven to be leading robotic technology world wide and +10 years of experience
  • Professional service support: Each LogiRobot comes with a highly professional service support setup, to ensure successful implementation, usage and the highest level of reliability
  • Consistent task completion: Cobotic solutions are reliable and consistent. The LogiRobot delivers pallets to the right place every time, with no deviations from its tasks