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Level control

Automatically ensure a constant working height to optimise performance!

With the automatic level control, working heights are always maintained at an ergonomically correct height. In this way, the operator gets a constant working height and an ergonomically correct working position. By signal from an electric sensor, the forks raise automatically when unloading material and lower when loading material.

The ergonomically correct working position and height help prevent injuries and strain on the operator, and the efficiency of the operator will be increased because of the improved working conditions.

The level control is very easy to program, very robust and has small dimension, ensuring an optimum manoeuvring. Available for electric highlifters and Logiflex stackers (also for stainless trucks).


  • Automatically maintained height
  • Ergonomically correct working height
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Prevention of strain on the user


  • Very easy programming
  • Small dimensions ensure optimum options for maneuvering
  • High efficiency due to improved working environment
  • Forks raise when unloading material
  • Forks lower when loading material


  • Warning lamp flashes when the forks are lifting/lowering
  • Instant stop makes the lifting/lowering function stop immediately
  • The bottom stop ensures a clearance


  • The buttons are covered by a protective film
  • Turnable photocell
  • Adjustable detection range and adjustable reaction time
  • Top stop protects the motor